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We, the Florida Reading Association members,

encourage legislators, district School Board members, superintendents, and all school personnel to support reading curriculum and instruction decisions, policies, and procedures that

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Allow for multiple approaches to teaching reading.   The processes of learning to read and reading are complex.  Therefore, teachers must have a knowledge of multiple methods for teaching reading and create an appropriate balance of methods to meet the needs of all the children they teach.  Be cautious against believing in a "quick fix" or "product solution" to improve reading instruction and student performance.

bookbullet.gif (377 bytes) Provide professional development training in current best practices for reading instruction as a recertification requirement for all teachers and school administrators.
bookbullet.gif (377 bytes) Use multiple forms of assessment to inform teaching and measure growth in student learning.  High-stakes testing means that one test is used to make important decisions about students, teachers, and schools.  The assumption that high-stakes tests of standards accompanied by a reward and penalty structure will improve children's achievement should be reconsidered for young children.
bookbullet.gif (377 bytes) Maintain class sizes of 20 or less for Kindergarten and First Grade.
bookbullet.gif (377 bytes) Provide each school with a qualified reading/writing leader (literacy coach) who supports classroom teachers.  To have enough well qualified teachers, reading certificated teachers must be recognized as a "critical teacher shortage" area with appropriate financial support for more teachers to earn this certification.
bookbullet.gif (377 bytes) Provide funding for a wide selection of children's literature books for every classroom in Florida.

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