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FRA Newsletter Winter, 2008 (Vol XXVIII, No 2) (PDF 0.6Mb)

FRA Newsletter Fall, 2007 (Vol XXVIII, No 1) (PDF 1.8Mb)

FRA Newsletter Spring, 2007 (Vol XXVII, No 2) (PDF 1.4 Mb)

FRA Newsletter Fall, 2006 (Vol XXVII, No 1) (PDF 0.7 Mb)

FRA Newsletter Summer, 2006 (Vol XXVI, No 3) (PDF 189 Kb)

FRA Newsletter SUMMER, 2004 VOLUME XXV, NO. 2  (PDF 1.07 Mb)Adobe PDF icon

The purpose of the FRA Newsletter is to inform FRA members about the activities of FRA, its committees, its special interest groups, and the local councils. Therefore, all Committee Chairs, District Directors, and Local Council Presidents are encouraged to submit information about their activities to the FRA Newsletter editor for publication in upcoming issues of the Newsletter.

Joyce V.W. Warner, Editor
E-mail: jvwarner@gate.net

Deadlines for inclusion in upcoming issues
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Fall September 30
Winter January 15
Spring March 31
Summer June 15