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Marguerite Cogorno Radencich Award

The Marguerite Cogorno Radencich Award

to honor Florida's
Outstanding Teacher Educator in Reading Award


Nominees shall be FRA members, affiliated with a public or private college or university in the State of Florida, and currently engaged in teacher preparation in reading at the undergraduate and/or graduate level.


This application should be completed and documented by an association member as follows:

  1. Fill in all pages 1, 2, & 3 attached. The should be the first 3 pages of your maximum of 25 pages.

  2. The criteria that are described below are multifaceted, and it is probable that no one will rate highly on all listed attributes. However, it is important that you document each category as fully as possible. In filling out page 3, indicate the kind of documentation you are submitting for each characteristic; the completed application and documentation must total no more than 25 pages. Do not send books, monographs, or copies of other publications. Materials submitted will not be returned. Use a type size that is at least as large as what you are now reading or Helvetica 12. Nominations that disregard these guidelines will not be considered.

  3. Nominees shall submit by June 30:

    • one (1) 5 x 7 black and white glossy picture and,
    • a 200-250 word narrative-style vita 

      with this application for use in the Florida Reading Quarterly.

  4. Bind the maximum of 25 pages with a staple in the upper left corner. Do not use fancy bindings.
  5. Be sure to get the approval of your nominee since s/he may have to release materials from personal files to supply the supporting data. The winner will be notified by June 30 and is expected to attend the fall FRA conference to receive the award. The winner will be reimbursed for conference expenses up to $100 (receipts needed).
  6. The completed application (pp. 1-4) and supporting data must not total more than 25 pages. Please bind with a staple in the upper left corner and number all pages. Ten (10) copies must be received by February 1. Send to the chairman of the Administration Committee (FRA past president).

The person selected to receive Florida's Outstanding teacher Educator in Reading will receive:

  • a plaque
  • luncheon ticket for the FRA Conference, and
  • a feature write-up in the Florida Reading Quarterly.


Characteristics Possible Types of Documentation
The candidate for this award should be: These are suggestions and are not intended to restrict documentation in any way.
  1. Knowledgeable - one who knows the field of reading and who keeps current in research and practice.
  • Education: post-graduate work;
  • participation in conferences,
  • publications,
  • research,
  • teaching,
  • other.

Submit bibliographic information only. Do not send publications.

  1. A developer and/or implementor of outstanding courses in reading for preservice and/or inservice teachers.
Brief descriptions of courses taught and/or innovative practices. Identify and describe what is unique or exceptional in each course (such as field experiences, media-based experiences, clinical practice).
  1. A leader in the field of reading -- one who assumes responsible leadership positions.
Description and dates of leadership roles (as a teacher educator in reading) in college, local schools, and/or professional organizations involved in the field of reading.
  1. A role model -- one who can cause inservice/preservice teachers to want to develop their pupils to their fullest potential in reading and one who can challenge students to extend their educational horizons.
Letters from current students and former colleagues, citing specifics. Other suggested sources include employers (principals or superintendents), supervisors, directors of inservice programs.

Please limit letters in this category to five. At least one letter from an employer of nominee's students is recommended.

The downloadable application form is in Portable Document Format (PDF) and requires , which is available free of charge from Adobe.

PDF Document The Marguerite Cogorno Radencich Award Outstanding Teacher Educator in Reading Award Nomination Form