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Florida Reading Association
Membership Application

FRA Membership
P.O. Box 151555

Cape Coral, FL 33915


Circle  Appropriate :        New  Member                 Renewal


E-mail_______________________________________  Phone: ___________________________________
                (Required to receive electronic journals and newsletters)
Address______________________________________________ City______________________________
County__________________________________ State______________ Zip Code + 4_______________________
School or Organization: ____________________________________________________________________________ 

 Occupation:           ___ Elementary Teacher (PreK-5)       ___ Secondary Teacher (6-12
                                ___ District/School Administrator      ___ College/University Instructor
                                ___ Retired Educator                         ___ Student
                                ___ Consultant/Representative           ___ Other: __________________________________

I am a current member of:     ___ International Reading Association
                                               ___ Local Reading Council: _________________________________________

Referred for membership by a current FRA member? If so, please list both:

Member's name: _________________________________________  Member # ___________________________

The membership year is from July 1 through June 30.  Membership applications received after March 1 will become effective immediately and extend through June 30 of the following year.

 Membership Type:           ___  Regular $30 (includes electronic journals)

                                         ___  Retired $20 (includes electronic journals)                              

                              ___  Full Time Student $20 (includes electronic journals)          

                              ___________________________                 __________________________
Faculty Sponsor’s Signature  (Required)                     College/University

                         Additional Option:

                                         ___  Printed Journals $20 (printed versions of FRA Journal)


Make checks payable to:         FRA

Send this form and the check to:

FRA Membership
P.O. Box 151555
Cape Coral, FL 33915