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Mission and Goals


The Florida Reading Association (FRA)  is a professional non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to promote quality literacy instruction,  advocate life-long reading, clarify educational issues for decision makers, and support research in literacy.

The FRA mission promotes reading and writing for all learners through professional development, research, publications, and advocacy for the literacy community through its works with national, state, and local councils. These goals are met by:

  • Supporting the mission of the International Reading Association;

  • Organizing an annual state conference;
  • Publishing newsletters and journals;
  • Promoting community and parental involvement in reading;
  • Advocating for literacy issues through legislation actions;
  • Providing awards, grants, and scholarships;
  • Providing professional development opportunities.

The Florida Reading Association is a professional organization which

  • Promotes quality literacy instruction
  • Advocates life-long reading
  • Clarifies educational issues for decision makers
  • Supports research in literacy

The mission of the Florida Reading Association is accomplished through

  • National, state, and local councils
  • Conferences and publications
  • Community and parent involvement
  • Awards, grants, and scholarships
  • Legislative action
  • Professional development programs


For more information about FRA please contact:
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