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Adolescent Literacy

Literacy development is an ongoing process, and it requires just as much attention for adolescents as it does for beginning readers. In todays fast-paced world, literacy demands are expanding, and they include more reading and writing tasks than at any other time in history. Adolescents need high levels of literacy to understand the vast amount of information available to them, and to fuel their imaginations as they help create the world of the future.

The following are just some of the Adolescent Literacy Projects available from FRA.

Poster Contest

Students in middle and high schools in Florida are invited to create a reading poster to be exhibited and judged at the Secondary Reading Council (SRC) State Conference to be held in April.
Book Hook
In this contest you enter your short paragraph or two which seeks to get the reader to want to read the book you are trying to sell.  Your Book Hook does not tell the entire book but it does give the reader enough information that they get an idea of what the book is about.
Motivation Matters: Quick Tips for Adolescent Literacy
Motivation Matters is a place to let us in on your successful experiences as well as a place to collect new teacher tested approaches.
Florida Teen Book Map Project
Florida Book Map Project
The Florida Reading Association invites you to recommend novels that teens and tweens enjoy and which take place in Florida settings. Join FRA in celebrating our sunshine state through adolescent literature by submitting your suggestions. Read Florida!