Elementary Reading Teacher Of The Year

The Elementary Reading Teacher of the Year Award will be given to an individual who has made significant contributions in the teaching of elementary reading. Special consideration will be given to candidates who are active members in their local, state, or national ILA organization.

Nominations are to be solicited from each school district through direct mailings to FRA district directors and local council presidents who will be asked to make nomination forms available to others. (It is suggested that the councils form a committee to select one nominee from the district. An information letter will also be sent to the superintendent.) Nomination forms will be printed in The Florida Reading Journal (September issue) and the FRA Newsletter (August issue), and will be available at the FRA Annual Conference.

To be nominated, a person must meet the following criteria:

  1. Has made a positive impact on student reading.
  2. Applies innovative reading techniques in a classroom setting.
  3. Promotes reading outside the school.
  4. Has had advanced study in reading (college courses and/or inservice work shops).
  5. Has published articles, or made presentations (Inservice workshops and/or conference sessions).
  6. Provides photocopy of membership cards in a local reading council, FRA, and ILA or letter of verification from the membership chair of the council.

The councils must select their nominees and return the completed nomination form and supporting documentation to the Scholarship and Awards Chairperson before August 31.  Winners will be announced and honored at the FRA Annual Conference.

The winner will receive

  • Registration to attend the FRA Annual Conference
  • One night’s hotel stay at the conference
  • a plaque will be presented to the winner at the conference.

Letters will also be sent to the superintendent of the districts of the winner, and the winner will be featured in the FRA Newsletter and The Florida Reading Journal


Elementary Reading Teacher of the Year Award Nomination occurs through local councle and school districts.


Elementary School Reading Teacher of the Year Winners

2014                           Sara Calhoun                         Molino Park Elementary School, Escambia County

2013                            Paul Caswell, III                     Windy Ridge School, Orlando

2012                            Cynthia Griggers                     Osceola County

2000                            Marilyn Sharp                         Leon County

1999                            Janice Carpenter                      Pasco County

1998                            Carla Kamal                            Brevard County

1997                            Barbara Hoines                       Lee County

1994                            Marylou M. Matoush              St. Lucie County