FRA Honor Council

UPDATES FOR 2014-15:    

Send an intent to participate email to Deanne Panighetti at

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  • Send intent to participate email to Deanne Panighetti at November 30, 2015.
  • Award applications are due by January 4, 2016. Send documents to Deanne Nelson at
  • Councils are being recognized for accomplishments of the previous year (July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015).
  • Attach one document for each part that summarizes the essential elements of each activity.




Required Criteria  

  1. Three Council Meetings
    Plan and facilitate at least three council meetings during the year. Attach a summary that
    includes meeting dates, location, number of attendees, and topics addressed.


Optional Criteria (CHOOSE 1, B – H)

  1. Increase Council Membership
    District Director verifies increase in council membership since June of previous year. Attach June 2015 council membership list (names and email addresses) and report the level of increase from the previous year (number of members from June 2014).


  1. Image Brochure
    Develop an image brochure that reflects the council mission, benefits of membership, and highlights affiliation with ILA and the state/provincial council.


  1. Video/Slideshow
    Develop a video/slideshow that highlights the council’s history and accomplishments.  Explain how the video/slideshow is used to promote the council.


  1. Website/Social Networking
    Maintain a website or social networking site that is current, relevant, and contains up-to-date information about activities, opportunities to expand member involvement, and gives potential members access to join.


  1. Newsletter
    Create a newsletter or similar communication piece containing information about council activities, highlighting professional resources, and promoting membership.


  1. Supporting Future/New Educators
    Document council support for the professional growth of future/new educators. Examples include: college scholarships, conference registration, complimentary/discounted memberships, providing teacher resources/instructional materials, offering meetings, workshops, webinars, institutes, etc. designed to serve future/new teachers.


  1. Professional Development for Council Members
    Document support for the professional development of council members. Examples include: college scholarships, conference registration, offering meetings, workshops, webinars, institutes, etc. based on the current needs of council members.






Optional Criteria (CHOOSE 1, A – G)

  1. Celebrate Literacy
    Recognize an organization, institution or individual that has made significant literacy contributions at the local, state or provincial level with a Celebrate Literacy Award. Accomplishments may include 1) direct teaching at any level, 2) organizing local literacy programs, 3) promoting public support relative to enhancing literacy, 4) producing teaching materials or special media for literacy programs, 5) conducting research in literacy, 6) conducting special surveys for literacy planning, 7) providing young people opportunities to help with literacy activities, and 8) conducting informal educational activities of a social, cultural, economic or political nature in which literacy activities are included. Each council should develop specific selection guidelines for the award. Recognition certificates may be requested from ILA.


  1. Community Literacy Project
    Organize and implement a community literacy project. Examples include: Read Across America events, reading at the mall, summer reading incentive programs, read-a-thons, etc.


  1. Advocacy
    Participate in advocating for significant literacy issues. Council members may be active in educating legislators or provincial officials about literacy issues pertinent to local council members. In the US local/student/special interest council members may be involved in the ILA Legislative Action Team (LAT).


  1. Family Literacy
    Conduct a program or project that focuses on the important role of families in the literacy development of children.


  1. Young Authors
    Sponsor or cosponsor an activity that encourages, supports, and recognizes student writers in the council’s geographic area. Examples include: young authors’ contests,  writing workshops, authors’ tea, writing celebrations, etc.


  1. Community Service
    Perform a service project that brings literacy benefits to community members. Examples include: reading in nursing homes or daycare centers, providing reading materials for use in homeless shelters, collecting magazines/books for hospital waiting rooms, assisting with adult literacy programs, etc.


  1. Media Outlets in Education
    Promote the use of print media for instructional purposes in the classroom and at home. Examples include: invite MOIE to a council meeting to share instructional strategies, include MOIE activities in newsletters or on council website, provide MOIE resources to schools, etc.





Required Criteria (ALL, A – E)

  1. Officer Report Form
    The Officer Report Form must be submitted to FRA between April 15 and June 30. FRA’s ILA State Coordinator will verify council in good standing by December 15, 2015. All officers must maintain ILA and FRA membership throughout their term.


  1. 10 FRA Members
    Include the names of ten FRA members who are also members of the local, student, or special interest council. Council officers may be counted in the ten FRA member requirement.


  1. Membership Campaign
    Launch and sustain a membership campaign that promotes and increases local/student/special interest council membership, as well as state/provincial and ILA memberships.


  1. District Director Attends Local Meeting
    The local council’s District Director should attend at least one council meeting each year.


  1. FRA Marie Silverman Scholarship Award
    Local council contributes to the FRA Marie Silverman Scholarship Award. Send check to: Ann Smith 4142 Camino Real Sarasota, FL 34231. Attach photocopy of check made payable to Florida Reading Association.



Optional Criteria (CHOOSE 1, F-H)

  1. New FRA Members
    Increase FRA membership by at least 3 new members, from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015.  And is posted on the ILA website in the council leaders section. Attach list of names and addresses of new FRA members.


  1. Support State/Provincial Goals
    Summarize how the council supports programs and projects that reflect the strategic plan of the state/provincial council.


  1. Financial Support
    Provide financial support for a council member to attend a convention, conference, leadership workshop, or other professional event sponsored by the state/provincial council or the International Literacy Association. Attach a description of the support provided, including to whom, for what, and how much.






Required Criteria (ALL, A)

  1. FRA International Project
    Local/student/special interest council contributes to the FRA International Project. Send check and or materials to: Sherida Weaver, FRA International Projects Chair, 603 Red Robin Rd., Seffner, FL, 33584. Attach photo copy of check made payable to Florida Reading Association.


Optional Criteria (B – D)

  1. International Literacy Day
    Participate in an International Literacy Day celebration.


  1. Worldwide Literacy
    Contribute to worldwide literacy effort by providing materials, funds to purchase school supplies, or assist with costs related to the professional growth of teachers.


  1. International Literacy
    Conduct a project that will promote literacy in another country. This project may involve a partnership with other agencies, such as Peace Corps, Red Cross, Rotary, etc.



Send all documentation to:

Deanne Panighetti

Vice President, FRA