FRA Local Council Grants Program

The Florida Reading Association is interested in recognizing the efforts of councils by awarding grants of up to $500.00 to councils that collaborate with local agencies in planning and conducting projects aimed at promoting literacy within the community. Councils should follow these guidelines when seeking an FRA Local Council Grant:

Submit an application that includes:

  1. Name and address of council president or individual who is in charge of the project.
  2. Name and address of collaborating agency.
  3. Specific description of the project.
  4. Procedures which will be undertaken in implementing the project.
  5. Materials which will be needed in order to conduct the activities.
  6. Project budget with brief summary and lists of anticipated expenditures.

Funding will be granted for projects which are designed to extend literacy efforts within the community, such as providing tote bags with grooming needs and books, pencils, crayons, and paper for children in homeless shelters, or in sponsoring adult literacy programs. The FRA grant may be used to cover items that are directly related to carrying out the project, to a maximum amount of $500.00.

Applications will be reviewed by members of the Administrative Committee at scheduled FRA Board meetings in September and January. Any applications received after January will not be considered until the next school year – if the council chooses to resubmit. Councils will be notified action on their application within 10 days of a scheduled board meeting.

Send completed application to the Chair of the Administrative Committee as listed in The Florida Reading Quarterly (December issue) or the FRA Directory.

  • Awards will be granted based on the availability of funds.
  • A council may not receive a Local Council Grant for the same project in consecutive years. Priority will be given to councils initiating a new project.
  • The grant award for the grant will be made as follows:
    • 50% of the request upon approval of the applicaiton
    • 25% of the request upon completion of the project
    • 25% of the request upon submission of a report concerning the results
  • The receiving council must submit a final report for the FRA Leadership Conference that year.
  • The Councils will be encouraged to prepare a poster board display to share information at FRA Leadership Conference.
  • If a council is not able to complete their project that year, the funds should be returned to the Florida Reading Association.

Local Council Grants Program

The downloadable application form is in Portable Document Format (PDF) and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free of charge from Adobe.

Local Council Grants Program Winners

2007                            Sarasota Reading Council                               $375.00

1998                            Duval County Reading Council                     $200.00

Santa Rosa County reading County               $300.00

1997                            Hillsborough County Council                         $500.00

1995                            Pinellas Reading Council                                $500.00

1994                            St. Lucie County Reading Council                 $500.00