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Who We Are
The Florida Reading Association (FRA) began in 1939 and has a network of more than 4,000 educators from all levels. The FRA support Florida professionals by disseminating current literacy research, promoting reading through the association’s projects, providing professional development opportunities, and fostering lifelong reading habits. By coming together with a common interest, we create a dynamic presence that resonates throughout Florida. We invite all who share our vision to join in our effort.

International Affiliation
All FRA Councils are affiliated with the International Reading Association (IRA). These ties lend organizational and program support. With more than 50,000 members in more than 100 countries, IRA provides both national and global perspectives. The IRA is a recognized world leader in literacy issues and actively addresses these issues in developing countries.

Benefits of Membership in the Florida Reading Association


FRA keeps its members up-to-date on literacy matters through a wide array of publications. Membership in the association includes electronic journal and newsletter subscriptions.

Florida Reading Association publishes

  •  Florida Reading Journal
  •  FRA Newsletter
  • The Cutting Edge (an annual
    publication of interest to literacy

Annual Conference

The Florida Reading Association Annual Conference, planned for the benefit of FRA members, is the premier professional conference in the state of Florida.
The FRA conference features

  • Discounted conference registration
  • Nationally known leaders in literacy
  • Children’s book authors
  • Sessions presented by Florida educators
  • Opportunities for professional networking

Governmental Relations

The Florida Reading Association takes an interest in issues that affect literacy instruction at both the state and national levels.

  • The association is a channel to keep members
    informed about legislation that affects literacy instruction

Scholarships and Awards

Additionally, the FRA supports its members and councils with various grants.. The $500 – $1,000 scholarship is awarded annually.
FRA recognizes the literacy contributions of local reading councils and of individuals through a series of awards.

Literacy Projects

International Projects

The FRA promotes worldwide literacy through various international literacy projects.

Children’s Book Award

Each year children in K-2 Florida classrooms read (or participate in a read-aloud) and vote on their favorite book.
In addition to sponsoring the voting, the FRA provides teachers with activities to accompany the reading of each book.

Reading Poster Contest

Students in Florida middle and high schools are invited to create a reading poster based on selected motivational themes.
Winning posters are published on our website and as covers on the FRJ.

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