Joye Coy Shaffer Past Presidents Scholarship

Joye Coy Shaffer Past Presidents Scholarship

The Florida Reading Association Joye Coy Shaffer Past Presidents Scholarship honors an outstanding beginning teacher in one or more FRA districts. The FRA Administrative Committee shall recommend to the FRA Board the number of districts to receive awards based on the number of qualified applicants. The awards shall be made at a formal presentation at the FRA Annual Conference.

Criteria for selection:
Must be a teacher of reading (ESE, K-12 regular education, or other special reading
program) who has taught fewer than three years.
Must be a member in good standing in ILA (IRA), FRA, and a local or special interest council (if available)

Submit the following items to the Administrative Chairperson:
1.  A completed application/nomination form.
2.  A resume.
3.  Three letters of recommendation from: (a) the teacher’s peer teacher, (b) principal
(including dates of employment), and (c) local council or special interest council.
In the event that there is no local or special interest council available within a reasonable driving distance, a letter from one of the following is acceptable:  a department head, a grade level chair, a district personnel, another school administrator.

The award winners shall be given $200 toward expenses to attend the FRA Annual Conference, a ticket to the Book and Author function and may receive complimentary conference registration.

Application must be received prior to August 31. The FRA Administrative Committee chair will review the candidates and make final recommendations to the FRA board for approval at its fall meeting (maximum of one candidate per FRA district). Send the application to:

FRA Past President – FRA Awards
Attn: Joye Coy Shaffer Scholarship
4142 Camino Real
Sarasota, FL 34231 


PDF Document Joye Coy Shaffer Past President’s Scholarship Application Form

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The downloadable application form is in Portable Document Format (PDF) and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free of charge from Adobe.


Joye Coy Shaffer Past Presidents Scholarship

2014                            Danielle Nowosiadlo               Rock Crusher Elementary School, Homossasa

2013                            Megan Jones                           Inverness Primary School, Inverness

2012                            Laura Steere                            Sarasota County

2011                            Joy Carriger                             St. Augustine, Fl.

2010                            Helen Davis                            Fort Meyers, Fl.

2008                            Joanne Lentino                        St. Pete Beach, Fl.

2000                            Judith L. Carr                          Brevard County, Fl.

1999                            Elyse Mermelstein                   Pasco County, Fl.

                                    Heather Lynn Mitchell            Broward County, Fl.

1996                            Gail Infanti                             Bradenton, Fl.

1993                            Michelle Lehmkuler                Arcadia, Fl.

1992                            Juliette Bouchard                    Osceola County, Fl.

                                    Laura Manos                           Citrus County

                                    Christy Williamson                 Bay County