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Benefits of Membership in the Florida Reading Association


FRA keeps its members up-to-date on literacy matters through a wide array of publications. Membership in the association includes journal and newsletter subscriptions. Florida Reading Association publishes

  • the Florida Reading Quarterly
  • the FRA Newsletter
  • The Cutting Edge (an annual publication of research abstracts related to a topic of interest to literacy educators)
  • brochures and pamphlets including
    • the FRA Image Brochure
    • the FRA Legislative Platform

The Florida Reading Association Annual Conference, planned for the benefit of FRA members, is the premier professional conference in the state of Florida.  The FRA conference features

  • Nationally known leaders in literacy
  • Sessions presented by Florida classroom teachers
  • Children's book authors
  • Opportunities for professional networking

The Florida Reading Association takes an active interest in issues that affect literacy instruction at both the state and national levels. FRA is active in governmental relations through

  • The legislative platform that addresses critical literacy issues at the state level
  • A legislative advocate who contacts policy makers in our state on behalf of the association
  • The association's role as a channel to keep members informed about legislation that affects literacy instruction

The Florida Reading Association has a history of promoting literacy worldwide through its various international literacy projects.

Each year children in K-2 Florida classrooms read (or participate in a read-aloud) and vote on their favorite book. This highly successful program is implemented statewide. In addition to sponsoring the voting, the Florida Reading Association provides teachers with a packet of classroom activities to accompany the reading of each book. 

Scholarships and Awards

The Florida Reading Association supports the graduate study of its members through the Marie Silverman Scholarship. The $500 - $1,00 scholarship is awarded annual. Additionally, the association and its special interest councils recognize the literacy contributions of local reading councils and of individuals through a series of awards including

  • FRA Honor Council
  • FRA Local Council Grants
  • Elementary Reading Teacher of the Year
  • Secondary Reading Teacher of the Year
  • Marguerite Cogorno Radencich Award
  • Marilyn Sharp Classroom Action Research Awards
  • FRA Hall of Fame
  • FRA Beginning Teacher Conference Grant
  • Media / Print / Broadcast Award
  • Legislative Award
  • The Joye Coy Shaffer Award for Volunteerism

Membership is Everyone's Responsibility

The goal for Florida Reading association's Membership Campaign is a 10% increase in membership. If we all work at this, we will far exceed our goal. If each membership brings in one new member, we will double our membership in one year.

Five Tips for Bringing in a New Member

  1. Qualify your prospective member. Ask yourself, "Would this person have a reason for joining the association?" Consider the needs of those in our field and how those needs are met by the association.
  2. Develop a relationship with your prospective member. Talk about why you joined FRA and about what you consider to be the professional and personal benefits of membership in FRA.
  3. Deliver the association's message. Share copies of our publications (e.g., FRA Newsletter, Florida Reading Quarterly, and The Cutting Edge). with your prospective member, and tell your prospective member about FRA's outstanding annual conference.
  4. Make it easy for your prospective member to join. Have a membership application available and offer to mail it for the person.
  5. Nurture your new member. Talk about articles from the Florida Reading Quarterly. Attend local reading council meetings together. When discussing literacy issues, mention FRA's position and role. Urge your new member to attend the FRA Conference. Be sure your new members renews his/her membership each July 1.

For more information about FRA please contact:
Florida Reading Association at
FRA Membership
Post Office Box 12187,
Tallahassee, Florida 32317